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At Eastern States Well & Pump Services, we provide Well Testing & Inspection in Columbia County NY, including Well Flow Testing, Water Testing & Well Water Chlorination. Before buying a home, make sure to get the well tested! We also serve Berkshire County MA, Dutchess County NY, and Litchfield County CT. Inspection of the well and water is valuable for real estate agents and home buyers.

Well Flow Test

A well flow test shows the gallons per minute (GPM) of recovery in the well. This is important to determine the flow of water that the well can support. A well flow test is good information to let home buyers know what kind of expansions or landscaping they may be able to install in the future.

A well flow test will first determine the static water level. Once the static water level has been determined, pumping begins; while water is being pumped out of the well, the water level will drop. The level it drops to is called the pumping level, and the distance between the static level and the pumping level is the drawdown. A flow test is intended to determine the flow of water in to the well at the time of the test.

The well flow test does not guarantee or indicate the condition of the well or its related components. All wells vary in performance and are affected by underground aquifer conditions, equipment, weather and climate conditions. Seasonal variations are not uncommon and can affect the ability of the well to produce water, especially in a drought period.

Well Inspection and Report

The pressure tank, well head, control box, pump, filters and all other components above ground will be inspected and their condition recorded. State standards and codes must be met, and if any maintenance is required it will be made known to the customer. A report on all items inspected will be provided.

Water Testing

All well water that is used for domestic use should be tested for E-coli and Coliform Bacteria.

We can take the water sample for you, have it analyzed, and provide you with the necessary paperwork for reporting requirements.

Concerned about other water quality issues? We can perform a comprehensive mineral analysis. This includes tests for ph, hardness, iron, manganese, sulphur and total dissolved solids.

We also do FHA & VA loan testing, part V's, and much more.

Well Chlorination

A standard treatment for sanitizing your well system is shock chlorination. Shock chlorination is the most widely recommended means of treating bacterial contamination in domestic water system. It is NOT a recommended method for treating recurring bacteria problems. The source(s) of such contamination should be identified and eliminated. An option is to install a continuous disinfection treatment system.

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