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Low Water Yield Solutions

Eastern States Well & Pump Services provides low water yield solutions in the Berkshire County MA area, including hydrofracking, air shocking, and well deepening.

Low Water Yield Solutions - Berkshire County MA | Eastern States Well & Pump Services

Low water yield is a big problem for many home and business owners in the Berkshire County MA area, and in some cases can even result in your well running dry! To determine your exact water yield we suggest having a flow test done first. Once we have your results back, we can recommend one of the following solutions:


We provide hydrofracking services in Berkshire County, MA and surrounding areas. Hydrofracking is a process where a packer is inserted into the well and the water is forced below the packer into well cavities, thereby allowing the flow to be increased.

Here are some ways that hydrofracking can address low well water yield in the Berkshire County, MA area:

Air Shocking

Air shocking, also known as air surging or air lifting, is a method we can use to improve the yield of your Berkshire County, MA water well that has become clogged or inefficient due to sediment buildup, bacterial growth, or other factors. With our Berkshire County, MA area air shocking service, high pressured pulses of compressed gas are used to open up hole formations in your well. A piece of equipment called an Airshock Impulse Generator gives off pulses every 2 to 3 seconds which creates shock waves and powerful water surges. This not only cleans the well, but can open up new cavities.

Low Water Yield Solutions - Berkshire County MA | Eastern States Well & Pump Services

Our Berkshire County, MA Air Shocking Process

Before air shocking of your Berkshire County water well, the well is typically assessed to determine the cause of the reduced yield. This may involve inspecting the well casing, pump, and surrounding geological formations to identify any obstructions or blockages. Then the well is prepared for air shocking by isolating it from the water distribution system and ensuring that the pump is turned off to prevent damage. High-pressure air is then injected into the well using specialized equipment. The air is forced into the wellbore, creating turbulence and agitation within the water column. As the pressurized air moves through the well, it dislodges sediment, bacteria, and other debris that may have accumulated within the well casing, screen, or surrounding aquifer. This helps to clear blockages and improve the flow of water into the well.

After the air shocking process is complete, the well is typically purged to remove any loosened debris and ensure that the water is clean and safe for use. Finally, the well is monitored to assess the effectiveness of the air shocking treatment and to ensure that water yield has been sufficiently restored to your Berkshire County well.

Well Deepening

Well deepening is a process used to increase the depth of your existing Berkshire County, MA area water well to access deeper aquifers or to improve water yield. This technique involves extending the depth of the wellbore by drilling further into the subsurface geological formations. We will come out to your Berkshire County, MA area home or business, set up the rig over your current well, and make your water well deeper. This can open up more cavities and seams, and can also create more natural water storage.

By extending the depth of the wellbore, well deepening allows access to deeper aquifers that may contain larger reserves of groundwater. This can significantly increase the water yield of the well. Deeper aquifers often contain water with higher quality, as it may be less susceptible to contamination from surface sources. Well deepening can therefore improve both the quantity and quality of water extracted from your Berkshire County, MA area well.

In some cases, the water yield of an existing well may decline over time due to factors such as aquifer depletion or sediment accumulation, so deepening the well can help restore the water yield by accessing fresher or less depleted groundwater reserves.

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If your Berkshire County MA home or business suffers from low water yield, let Eastern States Well & Pump Services help diagnose and solve your problem to get your water flowing again! Call us at 518-325-4679, or email us, for low water yield solutions in the Berkshire County, MA area, including hydrofracking, air shocking, and well deepening.



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