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If you need Water Well Drilling in Berkshire County MA, look no further than the professional well drillers at Eastern States Well & Pump Services, with over 60 years of experience.

Since we opened in 1957, we have drilled countless wells in the Berkshire County, Massachusetts area for residential, commercial and agricultural use.

Berkshire County MA Water Well Drilling Experts

Berkshire County is on the western edge of Massachusetts, with the largest town being Pittsfield, MA. It's the second largest county in Massachusetts by land area.

We are very familiar with the aquifers, geological characteristics and various terrains in Berkshire County and surrounding areas. For instance, the Hoosac Range of the Berkshire Hills in the eastern part of the county and the Taconic Mountains in the western part of the county are elevated, which requires specific equipment.

Our Berkshire County, MA water well services are top notch, and we can design a well system to fit anyone's needs. We also provide other water well services such as well monitoring, video camera inspections, and well decommissioning (abandonment).

We are one of the few well drillers in the Berkshire County MA area that has a Versa-Drill track drill rig that can get into difficult drilling locations.

And remember, in addition to regular water well drilling, we also provide Geothermal Drilling.

If you have any questions or concerns about well drilling in Berkshire County, Massachusetts and surrounding areas, please call us at 518-325-4679 or email us. We will gladly come to your site and provide you with a free estimate.
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