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Air Shocking

Eastern States Well & Pump Services provides Low Water Yield Solutions in the Columbia County NY area, including Hydrofracking, Air Shocking, and Well Deepening.

Low water yield is a big problem for many home and business owners in the Columbia County NY area, and in some cases can even result in your well running dry! To determine your exact water yield we suggest having a flow test done first. Once we have your results back, we can recommend one of the following solutions:


Hydrofracking is a process where a packer is inserted into the well and the water is forced below the packer into well cavities, thereby allowing the flow to be increased.

Air Shocking

With Air Shocking, high pressured pulses of compressed gas are used to open up hole formations in your well. A piece of equipment called an Airshock Impulse Generator gives off pulses every 2 to 3 seconds which creates shock waves and powerful water surges. This not only cleans the well, but open up new cavities.

Well Deepening

We will come in, set up the rig over your current well, and make your water well deeper. This can open up more cavities and seams, and can also create more natural water storage.

If your Columbia County NY home or business suffers from low water yield, let Eastern States Well & Pump Services help diagnose and solve your problem to get the water flowing again!

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